Monday, October 12, 2009

Summer of "09 going on to the fall

The smell of apple cider and lead pencils is back in the air as we go back to fall.All the leaves are turning into beautiful colors and falling. Horrah! For jumping in leaves! That is if it ever stops being wet for a bit, but this washing-o-ton Everyone just got back from a baby blessing! Our month old granddaughter or niece is adorable! Her name is Elena Marie Twitchell. We all enjoyed being able to see the baby being blessed and being able to hold her. School has started again for Colby and Shelby, they are now doing college or running start at the Everett Community College. They are loving it and are enjoying the opportunity to learn so much. Of course they are loaded with homework a lot but it is worth it they say because they have a goal of getting their associates by the time they are out of college. Shelby plans on going into dental work and Colby plans to be a history teacher. The classes they are taking are Psychology(together), Public speaking (separate), Intro to business (Shelby) and Anthropology (Colby.) So far they have only one major exam in Psychology and smaller test in other classes. Which they say are so much different than a normal high school test.But overall school is going well. They just went out and took their junior pictures even though they did not get any of the beautiful leaves they did get very nice pictures. Maybe next time. Everyone else is doing great, beside the cold bug has bitten us so it has gone around but besides that we are enjoying our newly found hobby of geocashing! We all love it. We have only done it a few times but it has been fun. And we plan on continuing it for a while now. Our latest adventure doing it was just nearby, and we were worried not to let anyone or "muggles"see us, it is kind of like a game. :) so we searched for it and Colby found it, it was pretty well hidden also. We even want to put one out ourselves...we will see how that goes. That is that until next time!
Washington Twitchells

Friday, July 10, 2009

Life can be like a climb

Well, we seem to be doing great. We have our ups and downs, but hey, what can I say? We just got back from an extravaganza of climbing Mt. Adams, the second highest mountain in Washington! The climbers were Dad, Eli, his fiance Galina, Colby, and I. Mom and Jean camped at a wonderful and beautiful lake infested by mosquitoes ,( sounds great). Actually the mosquitoes weren't that bad in the middle of the lake ( we used a raft), but out in the open of the camp you know you will be itching the next day.
Well, going back to the climb. It was fun, if you are optimistic. But if not then, it was okay and you have felt much more better in your life. The views from the mountain ( not even from the top), were absolutely amazing. We saw a beautiful view of mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens, and those who went to the top saw the cascade range and Mt. Rainer. We left to go climbing Friday evening, with some tents and overnight things. So, we did camp out on the snow ( just to let you know, it was cold) we saw a gorgeous sunset, moon, and everything else you can see on a mountain. We did not get many pictures at night, due to trying to go to sleep. We wanted as much sleep as we could for the next day, as is we would be doing about a 12 hour day on saturday. But, due to a hiker hiking up a steep slope with 2 dogs, that are very loyal to each other, the older one didn't want to go up the slope at that moment. So, the younger one stayed behind with the older one. The owner went on hiking, causing the dogs to feel lonely and start howling through the night. Not very good if you are trying to sleep. So, Eli and some others went to the rescue and tryed feeding them some Beef Jerky, which they ate up quickly. After a while the owner came back and got them up the slope. Which was a big relief to us all. Well, going on to the next day we got up early about 5:30 am and had breakfast and started hiking. Great way to start your day!!
The hike was going good, which is to say long and tiring. Then we came up to the false summit, if you think you have seen a steep and long slope before.... try looking at this one. Close to a mile long with a 30-50% grade. Fun! All in all we made it up the l one way or the other. Either emotionally, physically, or both tired and torn. Most of us were just physical.. except for me. Lets just say try getting nipped by a 'so called friendly dog' , when you are dog tired. Not fun. Going on, dad and I went back after attempting the last climb to the summit, we were just that tired.
Well Eli, Galina, and Colby all made it to the blissful top of Mt. Adams. Hoorah! Dad and I did it last year, though. They saw pleasant views and were absolutely just tired and happy for finishing the mountain. All right here is the deal.. when you go down the false summit slope ( and any other slope that has this) you get to glissade, which means you slide on your buttom ( except if your eli and like to use a shovel as some type of sliding devise) and go down the hill with a stick to slow you down ( not easy to explain over the net or typing, just ask Eli or my dad to know how to do it the best), and so you won't get out of control ( unless your Colby and try to kill your self, she flew down the mountain slope like she had a pack of raging hyenas after her). This techinique is generally preferable compare to walking down the hill. Think about it. Have the ride of your life like you are living your last breathe today and can't tommorrow; or, go down a hill walking and taking your time. What ever one you prefer, that is your choice. Just to let you know, the hike up the false summit took close to 4 hours or more... on the way down it took at most 20 minutes!
So when dad and I got back to our tents, they were billowing like the sea. The wind had blown them almost down, save it for the stuff inside they probably would have blown down and much more since the stakes also came out of the ground. So we had to pack everything up and put our stuff that we carried up in our packs. Except that dad and Eli had switched packs sometime during the day, causing dad to have the biggest pack and carry the majority of the stuff.
What a sight, imagine my dad carrying a pack the last few miles back to the car that is half his height, while him hurting in every possible way.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

our lives over the past few months

Life is great for us... I guess.But, just to warn you, this is a big mouthful of our lives.If you don't care then allow me to continue:

Dad is doing great with his back and all. He just barely got a new calling of teaching the 16-17 year old Sunday school class. He co-teaches, thankfully. He has his times of hardness with some kids in the class, other than that they are fine.( I wouldn't know though, I am in that class...hehe).

Mom is fantastic at doing her all time job.. as a mom. We couldn't ask for better. Her work is doing fine and making teeth shine! She got a new calling also, as a 11 year old primary teacher. I guess she has an easier class because there are only about 2-3 kids a week. If you did not hear, she was sick with a 1-2 month unknown sickness( or so the doc said). But, non the less she is good as new right now, from what I know of( wouldn't know).

Colby....hmm...she is full of melodrama.Not. Life is simple and sweet with the best sister I could have. she is enjoying life as we know it.( also all the boys calling her..hehe). But, she says she is doing fantastic.( I think she is crazy and insane, but hey! what does her sister have to say?).

Me.. nothing to say. I am doing peachy-keen.And I took my running start placement test and got placed into some classes. But I have to take ENG 098 first..Rats! My writing score brought me down. My reading was fine. Math.. I got placed into Intermediate Algebra!!! Yeah!I am happy about that. Right now I am looking and searching for a job, while babysitting ( the best job you could have..).I am soo happy about the sunshine that keeps on poking its head out of the clouds now and then. Oh.. colby and I went to the "mormon prom"( that is what some people call it). It was a bang! The dance was held down in Issaquah, so we carpooled with friends. We wore fancy dresses, Colby was purple. I was a electric blue with a black over it that made it look purple. cool!

Well, that is the latest chunk of our lives. Thanks for reading..hope you have sunshiny days!
The Twitchells (narator:Shelby)

Friday, January 2, 2009

flashback of the year 2008 for us

Well if your interested in what we have done this year then continue to read, if you just wanted the card in the mail then now would be the time to stop and say that was nice.For you die-hards out there who do not have any reading material here are some of the things that have gone on since the last time we wrote a Christmas letter. I should just cover some of the highlights of this year.
Well we got Steven home from his mission and his work as a security salesman and he went off to school at BYU I and yes he found a sweet young lady at school to marry.Now some may argue or disagree with me as to who found who but suffice to say that he said yes or she said yes however that works now-a-days when the question to get married is asked. They got married in the San Antonio LDS Temple on Aug 23. Helen and I enjoyed the privilege of going to Texas and seeing all the beauties there and find the many differences that exist outside of Washington. We had a wonderful family gathering for the newly weds in Utah and enjoyed the many family and friends that came to wish them well. We had an open house in Washington the 4th of Sept so that they could make it back to Idaho and get back to their strenuous learning criteria which we have heard takes them out to yellow stone to watch and learn of the many biological things that go on there. MMMM some where I missed the concept of vacation and school I thought that they were different but then that goes to show how much I know. We enjoyed Steven and Krista coming to our home for Thanksgiving and it was great to see them and they are happily married and excited about each other. We had them take care of the Girls 16th birthday party and yes we do have girls for those who have missed all our letters that we have not written for 10 years. Any way they planned a great party for the girls and Helen and I were able to work and stay away from the teenage rampage and disorder for the day and still smile the next day, now Steven and Christa may have thought differently. It was amusing the teenagers started to whine about only teenagers were suppose to be involved and Krista, Stevens very quick witted wife kindly reminded them that she was still a teenager and could do all games. (She turned 20 dec.1). Colby and Shelby enjoyed their first date. Their first date was with another set of twins.
Shelby has a job at the local flower shop and both are very busy at school trying to maintain their grades, well they are very smart and maintaining good grades. They both earned their Young Women medallions and have done wonderful in some of the things that they have undertaken this year. Shelby is still playing the flute.
Colby has become an excellent bread maker and she loves to swim at the school.
Colby also has turned into a great cake decorator where in she made the cake for Steven and Krista’s open house. Shelby has become a great pie maker and we look forward to her pies and cookies but as it is we have only put on 20 pounds this year so the girls have been nice in controlling their great cooking. Helen and I have just passed our 28 anniversary. I was out of work for about 2 months because my back gave out on me but then that happens when you get old or so I am told.

May the season find you all well and happy. God Bless Everyone.